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AFRUCA Schools Intervention Programme (SIP)

Blacks and Africans like many other immigrant groups in the UK tend to migrate with their values and beliefs. While we acknowledge some cultural practices, beliefs and values are beneficial, others are particularly harmful to certain members of the family such as to...

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Working with Faith Organisations to Safeguard African Children in the West Midlands

In its work to promote the welfare and rights of African children, AFRUCA is aware of the strong role that faith organisations play in the lives of many Africans. Hence, it has been making efforts to reach out and work in partnership with various African faith based organisations to help strengthen their skills and knowledge of child protection and safeguarding.

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AFRUCA Therapeutic Services

BASIC DESCRIPTION AFRUCA offers a therapeutic service for African children, young people and families who have survived or have been at risk of different forms of child abuse and exploitation. The FGM Emotional Well-Being service specifically works with young people,...

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Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking Across England

Child trafficking is a form of Modern Slavery. AFRUCA is recognised as a leading organisation working with victims of trafficking in the UK and is the only organisation to provide specialist support exclusively for victims of African descent. We work with...

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AFRUCA Teams Up with Nollywood Movies Awards 2014

THE NOLLYWOOD MOVIES AWARDS TEAMS UP WITH AFRUCA As part of our commitment towards giving back to our society, the Nollywood Movies Awards has this year teamed up with our official charity for 2014 AFRUCA (Africans Unite Against Child Abuse). AFRUCA which focuses on...

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Child Trafficking: Identification of Victims in Prisons and Criminalisation of Young People

The criminalisation of young child victims of trafficking is a common occurrence in the UK Criminal Justice System. This happens either when children and young people are caught with fraudulently obtained travel documents (with older date of birth) provided by the trafficker or caught engaging in criminal and other forms of illicit activities most of which they have no control over and are unable to prove their date of birth due to lack of documentation. Using a case study, AFRUCA looks at the impact this has on child victims of trafficking and made key recommendations

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AFRUCA Training Programme for Practitioners

In- House Training Programme for Agencies and their Workers: This brochure identifies a range of training courses we have available in 2013-14.
They have been developed based on feedback from our past work delivering inhouse training courses nation-wide for agencies and their workers as well as feedback from practitioners participating in AFRUCA’s self-organised training activities

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