Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking Across London and the South of England

This Project is funded by Comic Relief and Esmée Fairbairn

AFRUCA’s response to the issue of child trafficking is premised on the fact that the trafficking of children is first and foremost a child safeguarding and chid protection issue, rather than an immigration issue. For this reason, we are firmly of the opinion that efforts to tackle the trafficking of children and provide support for individual victims must abide by and correlate with UK child protection laws, regulation, rules and practices.

Over the past years, there has been a consistent growth in the number of separated African children arriving in the UK correlating with the increasing population of Africans in the country. Children and young people come in unaccompanied, or as unaccompanied asylum seeking young people or with others who are not their parents or immediate family members as privately fostered children. It is our firm belief that a significant proportion of such young people are victims of trafficking and that without appropriate intervention, most of them will end up as victims of abuse and exploitation at the hand of their “carers” and other people.

Consequently, AFRUCA’s Anti-Child Trafficking project was borne out of the need to provide the much needed support for African children and young people who are victims of trafficking. The project design and development is a combination of our specialist knowledge and experiences in the area of child trafficking; having unique links with the African communities and working at the policy level to prevent the trafficking of children and young people. As a service provider, providing one-to-one support for survivors, we welcome on board the recommendations of these young people into our on-going programmes as well.

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