AFRUCA Champions Shine as Change Agents in the African Community

With funding from the Department for Education (DFE), since November 2013, AFRUCA has recruited and trained 148 Children’s Champions across London and the South of England.  These are community volunteers drawn from different black and African communities who have an interest in promoting the welfare of children.

So far, 7 intensive two day Training of Trainers events have been held in London with champions representing different communities including Somalia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Dominica Republic, Guinea, Burundi, Liberia, Cameroon, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Trinidad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, South Africa, Togo and Congo Brazaville. Champions are drawn from a wide range of professional backgrounds including law, medicine, social work, theatre arts, mental health, nursing, teaching, community and faith works, the media as well as students in higher education.

Each Champion trained is expected to hold a community workshop supported by AFRUCA to train at least 25 other persons in basic child protection. A number of champions have surpassed this target by holding up to 5 or more events reaching more than 200 people in the process. Since November 2013, over 140 champion events have been held across London and the South of England.

So far over 3,800 members of the Black/African community across London and the South of England have benefited from this project by participating in various Champion-led training programmes. Over 120 community and faith groups across the regions have partnered with AFRUCA in hosting these events. So far, feedback received from these organisations is that the quality of the Champions training has been excellent, well delivered and has helped to create positive changes in their members especially in relation to positive parenting practices.

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We have also received positive feedbacks from Champions regarding their participation in the Project:

Bolanle Somade, AFRUCA Children’s Champion Class of November 2013 said:

“My experience as a Children’s Champion has been a dream come true. The knowledge I have gained is unquantifiable and will be with me for life.”

Daniel Dunn, AFRUCA Champion Class of February 2014 said:

“I feel more confident because I am now equipped with first-hand information packaged by AFRUCA which makes it easier in addressing the issues surrounding the abuse of African children in the UK.”

Carmel Britto AFRUCA Champion also Class of February 2014 said:

“It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of the AFRUCA Children’s champion programme. Being a Champion has enabled me to give back to my community in such a meaningful way.”

Anthonia Macgregor AFRUCA Champion also Class of July 2015 said:

“I became more confident in delivering trainings in different places such as churches, schools and other areas. The knowledge and delivery of these trainings gave me better skills in parenting my children and others around me.”

Rijole Bitata AFRUCA Champion also Class of July 2015 said:

“The experience has been really positive, I have done two workshops and I found that people in the community are very receptive to the information within the presentations. I feel that I have made a difference in the community”

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AFRUCA Children’s Champions Class of November 2013

AFRUCA Children’s Champions Class of February 2014

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AFRUCA Children’s Champions Class of November 2014


AFRUCA Children's Champions Class of July 2015

AFRUCA Children’s Champions Class of July 2015


AFRUCA Children’s Champions Class of November 2015






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