AFRUCA in the UK

AFRUCA runs the Following Prevention and Early Intervention Services and Activities Across England

Child Protection Assessment and Support Services for Black / African Families in England

AFRUCA works with families on a one-to-one basis to provide child protection awareness and positive parenting skills to parents and carers of black / African background. By building parents’ knowledge and skills, we aim to reduce the number of black / African children subject to child protection plans and reduce the number of children removed from their families and placed in the care system…Read More

AFRUCA Centre for African Children and Families, Manchester

The AFRUCA Centre for African Children and Families is the branch of AFRUCA working across the North West of England. It is a specialist one-stop shop providing a range of prevention and early intervention projects and services. Our Centre bridges the gap between statutory agencies and the African community in the North West on child protection issues helping to position AFRUCA as a regional, knowledge-based organisation with a strong specialism in the safeguarding of African children…Read More

Safeguarding African Children from Female Genital Mutilation in Greater Manchester

AFRUCA’s work in Greater Manchester focuses on addressing the increasing cases of children at risk of and subjected to Female Genital Mutilation. Greater Manchester Police recorded 26 cases between June 2014 and June 2015 rising to 96 between June 2015 and June 2016. AFRUCA Research Report on FGM across Greater Manchester: “Voices of the Community: Exploring FGM in African Communities Across Greater Manchester produced in March 2015 support above figures. We found FGM present among 12 African communities with many people not aware it is illegal in England. Our research highlighted the “culture of silence” around FGM which is seen as a “private practice” in many families. This has implications for protection of children at risk…Read More

Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking Across England

AFRUCA is recognised as a leading organisation working with victims of trafficking in the UK and is the only organisation to provide specialist support to victims of African descent. We work with young Africans aged 12-25 who have been victims of child trafficking, and have supported almost 300 children and young people in the past six years. With our specialist knowledge and experience in the area of child trafficking, and links with African communities countrywide, we fill a vital gap in services. We understand key cultural issues, such as witchcraft and juju, and are regularly involved in providing awareness sessions and trainings to educate key stakeholders and communities on this horrific crime. We work holistically, from individual support to input into national policies, to prevent the trafficking of children and young people into the UK, protect their rights when here and promote their well-being moving forward…Read More

National Training Programme for practitioners working with Black/African children and families

This brochure identifies the range of training courses we have available in 2017-18 for practitioners working with Black African children and families across the UK. They have been developed based on demand and recommendations by agencies and practitioners who have participated in our previous training events…Read more

AFRUCA’s Research on Female Genital Mutilation in Greater Manchester

As part of our “Voices of the Community” series of community research projects, we are conducting a study aimed at exploring the practice of Labia Elongation among certain communities in Greater Manchester. This is a type of Female Genital Mutilation that is not well known and not represented on most FGM prevalence maps. This study is a direct follow up to our initial study exploring FGM across Greater Manchester.…Read More

AFRUCA Therapeutic Services

AFRUCA offers a therapeutic service for African children, young people and families who have survived or have been at risk of undergoing FGM and Human Trafficking. The FGM Emotional Well-Being service specifically works with young people, from ages 5 to 21 whilst our Psychotherapy for Trafficked Survivors works with ages 12-25. AFRUCA offers culturally appropriate therapy which enable children and young people to deal with the impacts of their traumatic experiences. We are a network of support offering a process to recovery. The therapy service helps to bridge the gap in provision of specialist mental health services for victims of FGM and Human Trafficking.…Read More

Working with Faith Organisations to Safeguard African Children in the West Midlands

In its work to promote the welfare and rights of African children, AFRUCA is aware of the strong role that faith organisations play in the lives of many Africans. Hence, it has been making efforts to reach out and work in partnership with various African faith based organisations to help strengthen their skills and knowledge of child protection and safeguarding.   This is well evidenced by our work across the UK but mainly in the North and South of England where AFRUCA have undertaken successful faith-based projects especially in London, Greater Manchester and across Yorkshire…Read More

AFRUCA Children’s Champions Project

This innovative project has so far recruited 148 community volunteers to become “Children’s Champions whose role is to go into their communities to help propagate the message about protecting and safeguarding children from abuse and harm …Read More

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