AFRUCA in Nigeria

AFRUCA in Nigeria

AFRUCA UK is registered with the Nigeria Planning Commission as an International NGO. Our aim is to work in direct partnership with local NGOs and charities in Nigeria to help promote the rights and welfare of children in the country.

Current Activities

Supporting Children Accused of Witchcraft Branding in Akwa Ibom State

In December 2013, AFRUCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a local NGO – HAPSTA the Humanist Association for Peace and Social Tolerance Advancement to support vulnerable children accused of witchcraft and evil spirits who are currently being looked after in its shelter in Eket, Akwa Ibom State. These are children who have been rejected and evicted by their own families due to false accusations of witchcraft and witch-hunts. Our support for the organisation, over the next 9 months includes the provision of funds to help meet some of the basic needs of the children in the shelter to enable them have a decent life. We are also working with the organisation to help strengthen and develop their child protection policies and procedures to ensure that the children being looked after can be further protected from abuse, harm and exploitation. Over 40 children are expected to benefit from AFRUCA financial support.

We hope to be able to strengthen our relationship with the organisation in the coming months and hope that our relationship with them can be long term.

Enchancing Child Protection Policies and Practices

In 2014, AFRUCA plans to work in a number of states in Nigeria to train various senior policy-makers and practitioners in child protection. Our aim is to help enhance their knowledge and skills in this area in order to ensure that strong policies that will promote child safety and safeguarding in different areas can be put in place. Plan are already underway to organise the first set of Child Protection Training courses in one state in the South West of the Country.

Country Assessment and Family Tracing

AFRUCA UK, through its strong links in Nigeria, is able to carry out detailed country assessment for children and families as requested by UK social services departments. We also assist with tracing families in Nigeria and assisting with the re-unification of children, individuals or families prior or after their return to the country.

Safeguarding Nigerian Children Series of Conferences and workshops

AFRUCA is in discussion with various high ranking British policy-makers and practitioners many of whom are of Nigerian origin to participate in the first ever series of conferences on Safeguarding Children in Nigeria. The aim is to enable a transfer of knowledge and an exchange of ideas between local Nigerian policymakers and their British counterparts in different areas so as to strengthen child protection policies and practices across the country. These events will be organised in partnership with credible local NGOs. We intend to hold the first of these events in 2014.

Campaigning and Advocacy

AFRUCA works with NGOs of similar minds to campaign on key issues affecting children in Nigeria ensuring these issues are kept at the top of the agenda. Campaigning work in the media around the issue of Baby Factories will also complement our ongoing work in the UK on the same issue where many of the children rescued by the authorities from illegal adopters have been traced back to Nigerian baby factories.

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