AFRUCA Workshops on Mental Health & African Children (Manchester)

The Mental Health Implications of Child Abuse for the African Child through Child Exploitation & FGM

Repairing the Damage of abuse on Mental Health

Date: Friday, 29th September 2017

Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

Cost: £60.00

Venue: Phoenix Mill | 20 Piercy Street | Ancoats | Manchester | M4 7HY

Duration: One Day



This workshop will focus on the mental health impact of child abuse and exploitation linked to cultural and religious practices amongst Black African children and repairing the damage of abuse on mental health. Key issues addressed by AFRUCA Mental Health service including Female Genital Mutilation, the Branding of Children as Witches as well as the use of juju and oath rituals to control victims of Trafficking and Exploitation will be explored. The range of psychological impact of the above and the role of practitioners in understanding and supporting young people with these experiences will also be a focus of these workshops.

We will utilise an array of learning and teaching styles including small group discussions, experiential hands-on learning, multimedia methods and lecture delivery along with case studies will be interwoven throughout.

Workshop Summary:

Part 1:

A brief introduction to cultural intelligence and some exploration of cultural and religious practices impacting on child safeguarding among affected groups.

Part 2:

The psychological impact of child trafficking and exploitation, FGM, witchcraft and religion.

Repairing the Damage: Clinical intervention with child victims of trafficking and exploitation focusing on AFRUCA’s work

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Improve knowledge of key stakeholders in Mental Health issues affecting Black and African families and African Victims of Trafficking and FGM.
  • Raise awareness on understanding the psychology and cultural syndromes of Black and African Families and Victims of trafficking.
  • Enhance good ethical standards when working psychologically with Black and Africans families.
  • Develop an understanding of the psychological processes to cultural beliefs that impact African child rearing practises.
  • Increase the capacity of stakeholders in their ability to psychologically support African victims of trafficking in a culturally sensitive manner.

Refreshments provided.

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