Working with Faith Organisations to Safeguard African Children in the West Midlands

In its work to promote the welfare and rights of African children, AFRUCA is aware of the strong role that faith organisations play in the lives of many Africans. Hence, it has been making efforts to reach out and work in partnership with various African faith based organisations to help strengthen their skills and knowledge of child protection and safeguarding.   This is well evidenced by our work across the UK but mainly in the North and South of England where AFRUCA have undertaken successful faith-based projects especially in London, Greater Manchester and across Yorkshire.

Working with faith organisations to safeguard African children in the West Midlands is a project to promote increased knowledge of child safeguarding practices and child protection among African faith and community organisations. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund for three years starting from 14 December 2015 to the 13th December 2018.

Our Targets

  • Child Protection training to equip African parents and faith leadersThis involves 30 training sessions engaging 750 parents and carers (10 sessions, 25 participants per session and 250 participants per year) organised in faith establishments and community settings.
  • Faith Leaders’ Summit to allow key stakeholders (faith leaders and workers) to discuss progress on different elements of the project. This involves organising 6 stakeholders meeting tagged ‘Leaders’ Summit’ targeting 180 faith leaders and workers (2 summits, 30 participants per summit and 60 participants per year).
  • Safeguarding training for children and young people to enlighten them about child protection issues. Bullying, positive attitudes, grooming for sexual exploitation and keeping safe (online and offline). This involves 9 training session engaging 180 children (3 sessions, 20 children per session and 60 children per year) organised in schools, faith establishments and community settings.
  • One to one advice sessions with parents / carers. This involves holding 15 one to one advice sessions for 300 parents or carers (5 advice forums, 20 parents per forum and 100 parents per year) to support them on issues relating to safeguarding, child protection or engagement with the children services.
  • Working with faith groups to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate child safeguarding policies and procedures. This involves intensive support for 18 faith organisations (6 support sessions, 4 faith leaders / workers per session and 44 faith leaders / workers per year) to help identify their specific safeguarding needs, develop their safeguarding policy, support the policy’s implementation, monitor and evaluate the policy’s effectiveness.

What we want to achieve

  • African parents and carers would have developed positive parenting skills and understanding of UK laws on safeguarding and child protection to enable them better protect children from harm
  • Faith organisations, leaders, workers and families would have gained improved knowledge and capacity to ensure compliance with statutory requirements of keeping children safe from abuse and harm
  • Improved communication and collaboration between statutory agencies and faith organisations and establishments.
  • Children would have gained better knowledge to ensure they keep themselves safe from abuse and harm
  • To support African families by investing in early intervention and prevention programmes to help reduce child abuse and the number of children entering the care system.
  • African families in the child protection system will achieve better skills and knowledge enabling them to prevent children being removed from their care.
  • African families will have a source of support and information readily available to them around child protection issues.

For further information please contact Oladapo Awosokanre (Project Coordinator) on 0207 704 2261 or 0739 983 5243 (Emergency Contact) or      

Opening Times – Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm

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