Great News!  AFRUCA Training Programme for Practitioners Working with Black/African Children and Families

AFRUCA is committed to facilitating and developing the learning skills of practitioners who work with Black/African children and families, we are offering special deals to training commissioners across the UK and Europe to enable them to better equip their staff with necessary knowledge and skills in these areas of their work.

The discount below is available for bookings made by the End of March 2018!

Understanding Safeguarding & Culture in Black Communities: Half/Full Day
To explore a range of safeguarding issues linked to culture, beliefs and religious practices and the implications of these on safeguarding children.

Child Abuse linked to Witchcraft & Juju: Half/Full Day
To develop new skills and competencies around culture and beliefs and their linkage of witchcraft beliefs and faith-based abuse.

Female Genital Mutilation as Child Safeguarding Issue: Half/Full Day
To gain knowledge around the socio-cultural and religious factors underpinning the practice and skills in identifying individuals at risk.

Working with Black/African Children in Foster Care: Half/Full Day
To develop stronger working knowledge of children from Black/African backgrounds to enhance relationships between looked after children and their carers.

Trafficking & Exploitation of African Children in the UK: Half/Full Day
To increase practitioners’ understanding of the complex issues on child trafficking by focusing on the trafficking of Black/African children into the UK for different forms of abuse.

Mental Health Implications of Child Abuse for Black/African Children: Half/Full Day
To learn more about the common psychological disorders that affect victims of FGM, Child Trafficking and Witchcraft Branding.

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