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AFRUCA works in many ways to help promote the rights and welfare of African children. Our main areas of work are:
  • Awareness raising and sensitization within African communities and among young Africans about children’s rights as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international conventions and UK legislation promoting the rights and welfare of children.
  • Information, education, and advisory services to raise the profile of African children in the UK, increase awareness of their needs, improve policies and practices, and develop the leadership potential of young Africans. Activities include research and publishing reports; media work; conferences, seminars, workshops, and training programmers for policy makers, service providers, parents, faith and community leaders, young people; community meetings; advice and consultancy services.
  • Advocacy and policy development working closely with policy makers to shape the development of policy and regulatory action to promote the welfare of children
  • Community and international development in partnership with others to put in place programmers and projects to help relieve some of the suffering and hardship that African children experience
  • Victim and Family Support Working to support individuals and families in crisis, at the point of breakdown through effective early intervention services.
As AFRUCA develops, our work will also expand to include:
  • Working with others internationally to address many of the issues and challenges African children experience on the ground in Africa.
  • Collaborating and sharing learning with organisations seeking to pro mote the welfare of African children in other countries in Europe.
  • Continuing to expand our spheres of influence within the African com munities in the UK to ensure that our work helps to meet the needs and priorities of children and families in the community. <top>


Members, Board of Trustees

  • Prospera Tedam – Chair
  • Zainab Clarkson – Treasurer
  • Janet Bola Latinwo
  • Dorcas Erskine

Current Staff

  • Debbie Ariyo OBE – Founder and Executive Director
  • James Titi – Lartey – Head of Finance and Administration
  • Annette Williams, Service Manager – (AFRUCA Centre, Manchester)
  • Justin Bahunga – Training Consultant
  • Teamirat Seyoum – Project Co-ordinator, Working with Faith Organisations (AFRUCA Centre Manchester)
  • Lola Gani-Yusuf – Anti-Trafficking Coordinator and Liaison Officer for AFRUCA Foundation Nigeria
  • Iro Emokpae – Volunteers & Training Projects Co-ordinator
  • Rosa Ssali – Family Support and Outreach Worker (AFRUCA Centre, Manchester)
  • Mareme Mufwoko- Project Assistant
  • Saater Ikpaahindi – PA/Programmes Administrator
  • Sammie Amanuel Menghistu – Finance Assistant
  • Jean Claude Pierr – Outreach Worker (AFRUCA Centre Manchester)


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