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  • Raise the profile of African children in the UK, and create awareness of their needs in ways that promote a positive climate for change.
  • Ensure that children are aware of the risks of abuse, know their rights, and have skills to protect themselves.
  • •Promote positive parenting among African parents and others who care for children.
  • •Increase the understanding of service providers and those with leadership roles in relation to African communities about the risks of abuse to African children, and promote the development of appropriate services, practices, and support to African families.
  • Influence the development of policy and regulatory action in ways that will safeguard African children.
  • Develop the leadership potential of young Africans.<top>


Our work to effect positive changes in the lives of African children and their families in the UK and in Africa is premised on our conviction that there needs to be changes made in three key areas in order to promote the rights and welfare of children

  1. Cultural
  2. Systemic
  3. Structural

Cultural Changes

The best interests of the child is paramount in all AFRUCA’s work and activities. Our strong stance is that culture and religion can never be a reason to abuse children. Through our work, we do know most child abuse takes place in relation to culture and beliefs which impact negatively on the children in our community. Our work therefore focuses on the need for changes in beliefs and cultural practices which are harmful to help protect children from abuse. AFRUCA stands with the African community in the protection of African children. We will continue to involve the community in all our work and activities. We cannot effect changes in the lives of children without engaging with the community to help improve the lives of children – simply put: “We cannot shave people’s heads without their consent.” We will build and effect changes through the design, development and implementation of a range of community development programmes and activities that will aim to improve the lives of children.

Systemic Changes

Prevention of child abuse and early intervention in the safeguarding of children is central to our work and activities. Many agencies across the country, despite their good intentions, do not have the capacity and knowledge to intervene successfully in families. Many agencies do not have the systems in place to enable them meet the specific needs and priorities of African children and families. Our work across the UK will seek to engage positively with agencies to help build skills and capacity in order to improve services where African children and families are concerned. We will do this through the implementation of a range of training and skills development programmes as well as the provision of advice and support for practitioners and their agencies working with African children and families.

Structural Changes

The continued gaps in legislation and national policy in relation to child protection and other child policy areas lead to African children and families being over-represented in many key areas as victims of abuse. AFRUCA will continue to campaign for changes in legislation and for the implementation of sound policies which take account of the needs and priorities of African children and their families. This will happen at the local, regional, national and international levels.<top>

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